Flower Care:


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Caring for flowers is easier than a person would first assume and involves some common sense. This is what we recommend and is very basic as well as non time consuming:


1. Keep the water vase filled, or at least the floral foam soaked.


2. If possible have flower food in the water.


3. If flower food becomes cloudy replace  with a properly mixed package. The food should not be mixed with more water than specified on the pack.


4. Keep bouquet in a cool spot that is not in direct sunlight.


5. Keep off of any heat source especially electronics such as televisions, speakers, etc.


6. If you choose to recut stems ensure that you use a sharp cutting instrument as to not damage the stems.


7. Keep flowers in upright position.


8. For loose or boxed flowers, remove leaves below water line as to prevent microbial contamination.


9. If you are selecting flowers always ensure that the flowers have upright firm petals. Yellow, spotted or droopy leaves are to be avoided (if you use the florists on this website they will do this for you)


10. Offer your flowers plenty of love.